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Hose TypeType WPX — Hose for Hot Water
Product NameType WPX
Part NumberWPX
Short DescriptionHose for Hot Water
DescriptionHot Water hose for cold and hot water, seawater, cooling and swimming pool water.
Temperature range -45° C to +100° C. Short term up to +130° C.

As hot water hose for permanent use in heat pumps, solar plants, for hot water circulating pumps and swimming pools.

The WPX can also be used as short hose compensators in the field of sanitary installations.

LiningEPDM, seamless
ReinforcementsOne zinc plated steel braid
MarkingContinuous, vulcanised embossing
Marking Sample

WPX 25 · 100° C · PN 10 · ELAFLEX Germany · 1Q-16

SizeDN 19 to DN 50
Product Sheet
Page 135-136
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Last Update: 11.12.2020